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hsf international trading

HSF INTERNATIONAL TRADING PRIVATE LIMITED  is in the EXIM trade of Fertilizer and Fertilizer Raw material as well as intermediates and is representing Principal Global Suppliers for sale of their products in Indian market with experienced personnel in the field of fertilizer imports and logistics of shipping, International marketing, port operation, quality inspection etc. to give the best services to the buyers in the Indian Market.

HSF INTERNATIONAL TRADING PRIVATE LIMITED is into the business of consultancy, trading and importing of various commodities including but not limited to finished fertilizers and fertilizer raw materials or intermediates for complex fertilizer manufacturers and other companies. We also impart consultation on logistics of various commodities by road, rail, waterways and coastal shipping and also provide consultancy to the Companies who would like to enhance the sale of their fertilizers, coal and other products to India.

HSF INTERNATIONAL TRADING PRIVATE LIMITED subject to requirement may carry business of import & export, setting up distribution & dealer networks, and agents in agro chemical products, fertilizers and insecticides, pesticides chemical manure and allied phosphoric manures, potassium manures and granulated manures, fertiliser with mixture of calcium nitrate and ammonium nitrate (and) mixture of calcium nitrate and magnesium nitrate and also in all types of liquid and solid fertilizers.

HSF INTERNATIONAL TRADING PRIVATE LIMITED intends to enter into buying, selling, import, export, treat in and deal in any kind of chemicals, petroleum and gas, petro chemicals and plastics, fertilizers or other things which the company is authorized to trade any raw materials required for the manufacturing of any chemicals or fertilizers or other things. To establish, organize, manage, charter, conduct, contract, develop, handle, own, operate and to do business as fleet carriers, transporters, in all its branches on land, air, water, & space, for transporting goods, articles, or things on all routes and lines on National and International level subject to law in force through all sorts of carries like trucks, lorries, trawlers, dumpers, coaches, tankers, tractors, haulers, jeeps, trailers, motor buses, omnibuses, motor taxies, railways, tramways, aircrafts, hovercrafts, rockers, ships, vessels, boats, barges and so on whether propelled by petrol, diesel, electricity, steam oil, atomic power or any other form of power.

HSF INTERNATIONAL TRADING PRIVATE LIMITED is there to carry out the business of management consultancy services and advisors and to provide management services in all forms and aspects of trade and industry, including, without limitation, problem solving, team building, strategic and operational planning, corporate communications, information technology and knowledge management, corporate management, productivity, profitability, human resource development, change processes, recruitment of managerial personnel, manpower planning, cost control, marketing, advertisement, and any other related activity, to companies, bodies corporate, governments, central or state, municipal or local authority, society, undertaking, institution or any association of persons or any individual, whether in India or abroad.

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